Halloween Night - Pumpkin Match

Halloween Night - Pumpkin Match

A match-3 game combining a cool story with the typical elements of the genre
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Halloween Night – Pumpkin Match is a puzzle game brought to you by MyPlayCity.com. It is another match-3 game that combines a cool storyline with the typical elements of this type of puzzles. Despite adding nothing new to the genre, the game entertains for a while and is a really good pastime for spare hours.

The story goes around Pumpkin Jack, a mysterious creature that remains hidden in his dwelling waiting for the Halloween Celebration. Jack, who lives in a forsaken mansion in the middle of a dark, ghostly forest, only gets out of his house once a year to accomplish a rather creepy task: collect dead people's souls, and for that, he will need your help. Basically, what you need to do is overcome a series of levels, creating groups of matching pumpkins to collect souls until the ‘souls meter’ is filled. There’s a time counter to remind you that you are given just a couple of minutes to do it. As the game advances, you will find some bonuses and power ups that will help you complete rounds faster. As for the visuals, the developers did a great job with the graphics, both the game introduction and each of the game stages have been really well done. It also has a extraordinary soundtrack (it reminds of Danny Elfman’s tunes at times), that creates a fitting tone and atmosphere.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Great soundtrack
  • Good graphics
  • Free


  • Rather repetitive
  • Just another match 3 puzzle
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